Andrea Roehl


Wasilla Office

About Andrea Roehl

Andrea Roehl is a lifelong Alaskan who has spent the majority off her life giving back to the community. With 6 children and one grandchild, she is well versed in patience, perseverance, kindness and creativity. These wonderful aspects are part of what she brings to those around her, and will serve you well during your real estate transactions. Having been the manager at a large chain store, worked with children in various classroom settings, and a master of sports booster clubs she understands how much tenacity, determination, and hard work it takes to get things done well. But her greatest strength lies in her honest integrity. There are few people in this world I would trust as much as I trust Andrea. You can depend on the fact that she will have your best interest at heart and will do whatever it takes to be there for you through the sale or purchase of your home.

This description touched my heart when it was written for me by a friend. I felt so honored that this person thought so highly of me. I am hopeful that it conveys who I am and how I choose to conduct myself in professional and personal relationships. Real estate for me is not about selling it is about forming relationships. I am truly so excited to have the opportunity be part of such a major event in people's lives.